Pre-Rolls & Infused Pre-Rolls

Pre-Rolls are the perfect choice for a hassle-free and enjoyable smoking experience. Explore Great Northern's selection of full flower and infused pre-rolls below.

Full Flower Pre-Rolls

Great Northern’s pre-rolls are packed with 100% premium flower, finely ground for the smoothest burn and safely sealed with a Dutch fold for easy storage and transportation. Enjoy a potent and flavorful smoking experience with a balanced high from the wide range of cannabinoids and terpenes that only full flower can give.

Pre-Roll Packs

Our easy packs come in sturdy eco-friendly packaging and feature five 0.5g Pre-Rolls crowned with a Dutch fold and filled with a mix of premium Great Northern flower. Each of these sleek Pre-Roll Packs include a regulation approved, child-resistant button and fun salmon facts inside!

Cocoa Blunts

Looking for a perfectly balanced smoking experience with a smooth, slow burn? Look no further than Great Northern's Cocoa Blunts: 1.0g of premium flower wrapped in all-natural cocoa-bean husk. With no additives or flavoring, you can truly savor each inhale of the flower’s full flavor profile perfectly complimented by the rich, savory-sweet cocoa taste.


Winner Best Infused Pre-Roll
2022 Alaska Leaf Bowl

Level up your adventure with award-winning Blunt Force Trauma, 1.0 gram Infused hemp blunts stuffed with premium flower from Great Northern, painted with full spectrum cannabis oil and then rolled in quality kief for a smooth and satisfying smoke. Whether you're battling dragons or exploring uncharted territories, Blunt Force Trauma will take you on a journey you'll never forget.


Runner Up Best Infused Pre-Roll
2022 High Times Cannabis Cup
2021 & 2022 Alaska Leaf Bowl

Wield this sword and power-up for any quest with Great Northern’s 3x award winning Infused Pre-Rolls, Critical Hit! Featuring multiple combinations of Great Northern's high quality strains, these pre-rolls are filled with full flower, painted with full spectrum cannabis oil and then coated with a boost of premium kief.

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What our customers have to say…


“The staff is always knowledgeable and updated on the industry they always guide me in the right direction for the best deals, the customer service has never wavered for me in quality. Most definitely my first choice, best in Anchorage at the least!”

"The flower is consistently of high quality. Specifically, it's neatly trimmed, typically rich in terpenes, smokes well, and produces excellent highs. I've tried multiple strains from multiple growers, and there are several good ones out there. This brand is one of the good ones."

"Great flower selections and excellent service. The employees are very friendly an knowledgable, theres always a positive vibe at Great Northern Cannabis – my favorite dispensary hands down!"

"Thank you for hearing your customers on pricing and producing new strains! Excellent - Orange Ghost & Mimosa!! Staff have been top notch, professional, and great vibes - staff are engaging and seem to work together. Love the new Dimond location - easy access, great parking, and super convenient on my way home!"

"13/10 would recommend anyone to come to GNC. I've had a different person help me out each time I've gone in and they were always super nice. They always have the best strains, flower/pre-roll/oils, all of it is pretty great. And when they don't have your favorite in stock, they'll have the next best thing! For sure my go-to when I need more stuff."


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