Spa Products



Embark on an epic spa day with products that will make you feel magically rejuvenated!

Great Northern Cannabis & Pure Plant are proud to present our lineup of beauty elixirs featuring a balanced dose of activated whole-plant, Full Spectrum Cannabis Oil and CBD to trigger the entourage effect for an enhanced therapeutic adventure. Pick a topical from our lineup to target specific areas, with benefits from natural ingredients – each one packed with a variety of vitamins, antioxidants, and phytochemicals.

Greater Restoration Bath Bombs



Soak in euphoric relaxation with award winning Greater Restoration Bath Bombs! Brew your own effervescent potion with a balanced concoction of Full Spectrum Cannabis Oil, CBD, and all natural ingredients – handcrafted with 100mg or 200mg 1:1 variety of scent options ready to refresh your glow and recover sore muscles, head to toe.


Rose for Purification
for Tension Release
Mountain Rain for Refreshing Clarity
Soothing Aloe & Green Tea for Revitalization
Warm Vanilla Sugar for Comfort

Calm and Uplift Your Mood.
Five invigorating scents to get a good night's sleep, alleviate aches, and release tension.

Soothe Your Skin.
Our bath bombs have moisture-rich ingredients to help soak in and retain maximum hydration.

Targeted or Blanket Comfort.
Unwind in full-body relaxation or restore sore feet with a bubbly foot bath.


Siren's Secret Rose Oil



Discover the alluring song of Siren’s Secret Rose Oil from Pure Plant, an ultra-moisturizing blend of rosehip, apricot, almond, and hemp seed oils infused with 1:1 CBD and Full Spectrum Cannabis Oil.

Equip this dropper in your daily skin regiment to hydrate, refine tone and complexion, support collagen production, and slay scars – or apply a few drops to manifest healthy growth to your hair, beard, or nails. Now you can become a deity and lure your love with this aromatic massage oil, crafted with aphrodisiac scents to ignite dopamine levels and libido!

Face and Body Oil.
Feel silky smooth with an enchanting scent. Use on dry, aging, or sagging skin, fine lines, blemishes, scars and stretch marks to revitalize and hydrate.

Hair, Beard, and Cuticle Oil.
Packed with vitamins, antioxidants, and carotenoids, Rose Oil is highly valued to promote healthy growth of hair and nails.

Massage Oil.
The scent of rose has been used for centuries as aromatherapy for those suffering from anxiety and depression, as well as an aphrodisiac with soothing mental & physical effects.



Weather any storm with our new scent of Siren’s Secret Rose Oil – Shipwrecked, a warm aroma of freshly cut wood, velvety amber smoke, and spicy cardamom fluidly melding with soothing waves of alluring jasmine, zesty bergamot, and sweet floral undertones. 


Revivify Sugar & Coffee Body Scrub



Tame and exfoliate that dry Alaskan skin with this in-shower body scrub! Pure Plant’s 1:1 Revivify Sugar & Coffee Scrub is crafted to provide a deep cleanse to your body’s largest organ – allowing your skin to take initiative and fully absorb the infused benefits.

Made with Full Spectrum Cannabis Oil, CBD, and all natural ingredients, this revitalizing scrub features coffee and raw sugar to buff dead skin cells away, tighten skin, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and cellulite – all while moisturizing coconut and olive oils quest to hydrate your skin.

Exfoliate with Natural Ingredients.
Reveal soft and supple skin with organic raw sugar and ground coffee, perfectly safe for your skin and the environment.

Restore Supple Texture.
Brighten skin complexion and reduce the appearance of dimples and cellulite with antioxidant-rich caffeine and ultra-moisturizing oils.

Reduce Stress.
Invigorate a sense of cozy warmth with delicious dessert scents and a fulfilling self-care ritual.


Healing Hands Lotion Bars



Replenish your skin’s moisture with Pure Plant’s Healing Hands Lotion Bar, a blend of minimal, organic ingredients that provide an uncomplicated softness you can trust.

Cocoa butter and coconut oil unite to work their charm restoring moisture, while nature-blessed beeswax creates a light armor – fully allowing a 1:1 mixture of activated Full Spectrum Cannabis Oil and CBD to penetrate your skin’s outermost barrier, neutralizing dryness and aches in all targeted areas.

Replenish & Retain Moisture.
Brimming with fatty acids and antioxidants, Cocoa Butter and Coconut Oil work together to improve the appearance of skin while Beeswax creates a barrier to protect from moisture loss.

Improve Blood Flow & Reduce Inflammation.
Made with ingredients rich in phytochemicals – natural plant compounds that improve blood flow, slow aging, and protect against UV damage.

Localized Relief.
Easily apply this bar to target specific areas needing a boost in moisture or to aid in pain management.


Emollient of Mending Topical Salve


Mend your body with the many benefits of magnesium! A natural element necessary for optimal cell function, magnesium provides an invigorating sensation when applied to the skin – boosting blood flow, reducing oils and fats, and alleviating tension.

Utilize Pure Plant’s Emollient of Mending Salve – a smooth spreading balm loaded with a cocktail of coconut oil, cocoa butter, and 1:1 CBD and Full Spectrum Cannabis Oil.

Alleviate Sore and Tense Muscles.
Full Spectrum Cannabis Oil and Magnesium work as a team to overpower aching joints and muscles, while promoting healthy nerve function and reducing cramps.

Optimize Sleep and Ease Anxiety.
Replenish much needed Magnesium stores to stimulate calming brain receptors and regulate the release of stress hormones like cortisol.

Improve Overall Skin Appearance.
Upgrade your complexion by reducing oiliness and breakouts with a Magnesium boost, while restoring hydration with a blend of Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, and Beeswax.


Athena's Shield Lip Balm


Embrace the aid of the gods and let Athena shield your lips from detrimental dry air, harsh winds, sun damage, or cold temperatures.

Forged with 1:1 whole-plant Full Spectrum Cannabis Oil and CBD, beeswax, cocoa butter, and coconut oil, Athena’s Shield Lip Balm forms a protective barrier to retain moisture, defend your lips from harmful elements, and bestow antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory effects – imbuing your lips with a smooth, radiant texture.

Replenish & Retain Moisture.
Brimming with fatty acids and antioxidants, Cocoa Butter and Coconut Oil work together to improve the texture of your lips while Beeswax creates a barrier to protect from moisture loss.

Improve Blood Flow & Reduce Inflammation.
Made with ingredients rich in phytochemicals – natural plant compounds that improve blood flow.


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“The staff is always knowledgeable and updated on the industry they always guide me in the right direction for the best deals, the customer service has never wavered for me in quality. Most definitely my first choice, best in Anchorage at the least!”

"The flower is consistently of high quality. Specifically, it's neatly trimmed, typically rich in terpenes, smokes well, and produces excellent highs. I've tried multiple strains from multiple growers, and there are several good ones out there. This brand is one of the good ones."

"Great flower selections and excellent service. The employees are very friendly an knowledgable, theres always a positive vibe at Great Northern Cannabis – my favorite dispensary hands down!"

"Thank you for hearing your customers on pricing and producing new strains! Excellent - Orange Ghost & Mimosa!! Staff have been top notch, professional, and great vibes - staff are engaging and seem to work together. Love the new Dimond location - easy access, great parking, and super convenient on my way home!"

"13/10 would recommend anyone to come to GNC. I've had a different person help me out each time I've gone in and they were always super nice. They always have the best strains, flower/pre-roll/oils, all of it is pretty great. And when they don't have your favorite in stock, they'll have the next best thing! For sure my go-to when I need more stuff."


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