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Sativa - Energize

Feel empowered and energized to take on whatever life throws at you! Get up and move; it’s time to exercise or enjoy a night on the town.


Indica - Relax

Slow down the pace at the end of the day, meditate, get relief from aches and pains. Embrace soothing, restful sleep so you can rejuvenate.

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Sativa Dominant Hybrid - Create

It’s time to be creative, to collaborate, to compose, and to explore new things. Have energy and clarity of mind.


Indica Dominant Hybrid - Connect

For when you need to solve problems, feel great while keeping up the pace through the day, and connect with confidence.

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Always a wonderful experience. 5.0 stars
“The staff is always knowledgeable and updated on the industry they always guide me in the right direction for the best deals, the customer service has never wavered fir me in quality. Most definitely my first choice, best in Anchorage at the least!” - Thesoundless12

"This is the Apple Store of Cannabis. Sleek & chic, privacy, and really cool staff. Great $12 pre-rolls on selected strains and yes, they are good strains."


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